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Bilawal Reprimands ‘Laziness’ of Sindh’s Lawmakers

PPP chairman urges provincial government to focus on delivery, stop worrying about Imran Khan

by Staff Report

File photo of Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Wednesday reprimanded his party’s lawmakers in the Sindh Assembly over their “laziness,” stressing they must work day and night to fulfill the expectations of the public.

Addressing a meeting of PPP Sindh’s parliamentary party in Karachi, he said all decisions regarding government policies, as well as the upcoming budget, should be taken after taking into account public opinion. “We are receiving good reports about some [ministers], while reports about [others] are not good,” he said, adding all provincial ministers and legislators should focus on solving the province’s problems and accelerate development efforts.

Bhutto-Zardari asked MPAs to ensure their attendance in the House and maintain constant contact with the people of their constituencies. Explaining that he had shared an “ambitious” five-year plan with the Sindh government, he stressed that its implementation was his top priority. Of these, he stressed upon the implementation of solar energy initiatives; welfare of laborers; improvements in education; promotion of public-private partnerships in the mines and minerals sector; provision of modern and affordable transport facilities; improving law and order; rehabilitation of flood victims; and immediate allocation of residential plots to women from flood-affected families.

He also urged the lawmakers to stop arguing over transfers and postings and instead focus on improving government performance. “The appointments and transfers of officers should be based on merit. Ministers and legislators should monitor the performance of officers. If we want better government service delivery, we must give opportunities to capable officers,” he said, adding he would personally review the performance of all ministers every six months.

“I don’t want the delivery of services by the party and its government to suffer at all,” he said, noting he encouraged teamwork.

During his speech, the PPP chairman also touched on funding due to Sindh from the federal government for various projects, saying it was “uncertain” situation. He said he would make all-out efforts to ensure the release of funds from the coalition government at the center. “We will try our best and I know that all such issues will be resolved before the budget,” he added.

Politics of hate

Bhutto-Zardari also slammed the “politics of hatred” prevalent in the country, saying the public was growing “increasingly disillusioned” with this scenario. “Why should we concern ourselves with what Imran Khan is doing? Who cares? He has his own legal matters to address,” he told the meeting.

“We have a mandate to serve the people. We have to meet the people’s expectations, which are quite high after they gave us mandate. Now we need to work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the people,” he added.

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