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Chaudhry Sarwar Joins PMLQ

Former Punjab governor claims he was invited to join the party and will work to strengthen it

by Staff Report

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Former Punjab governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar on Sunday announced he is joining the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid), adding that his first priority will be to “strengthen” the party.

“I was invited to join the Pakistan Muslim League,” he told a press conference. Stressing that the prevailing political scenario of the country was not conducive to resolving public concerns, he added: “Politicians are not willing to sit together in the most difficult of situations.”

Lamenting that politicians only worked to secure power when they were in opposition, he claimed no one paid any thought to what they should achieve after assuming public office. The incumbent government, he said, must work to alleviate the country’s economic crunch.

Sarwar, who was Punjab governor during the PTI-led government before being ousted shortly before the vote of no-confidence that led to Imran Khan’s ouster as prime minister, said he had strived to work on merit throughout his time at Governor’s House. He also clarified that he had vowed to stand with Khan after the vote of no-confidence, but alleged that the rest of the party did not merit any support. “Bribery has reached grassroots levels, but we vowed to stand with Khan,” he added.

According to local media, it is likely that Sarwar would be appointed the Punjab president of the PMLQ, replacing Parvez Elahi, who last month quit the party to join the PTI. It was also reported that Sarwar had agreed to join the PMLQ earlier in the week but had held off on formally announcing his decision until the weekend.

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