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ECP to Conclude Delimitation Exercise on Nov. 30

Electoral body’s revised schedule shaves two weeks off previously announced timeline, with aim to expedite conduct of general elections

by Staff Report


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday announced it is reducing the previously announced timeline for the ongoing delimitation exercise, adding the final list of constituencies would now be published on Nov. 30, rather than Dec. 14.

“To complete the consultation and feedback process with political parties and delimitation of constituencies as early as possible, the ECP has further reduced the time frame for delimitations,” read a statement issued by the electoral body. “Now the final publication of constituencies will be on Nov. 30, 2023,” it said, adding the revised schedule was aimed at ensuring general elections would be conducted “as soon as possible.”

The ECP further said that it would issue a schedule for the general elections in line with the revised timeline for delimitation, but did not give any indication for when this would occur.

The electoral body’s statement followed an “emergency meeting” of the ECP arising from suggestions given to it by political parties during a series of consultative meetings on the electoral roadmap over the past two weeks. During the meetings, the ECP assured the parties that it would seek to expedite the delimitation of constituencies and announce a schedule for general elections.

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