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Editorial: Israel’s Ceaseless Atrocities in Gaza

Western states’ active facilitation of the ongoing genocide amidst mounting public outrage is a loss for humanity as a whole

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Ruins of a building in the Gaza Strip

The world continues to watch in shock as Israel ramps up its aggression in Gaza, triggering protests at universities and capitals demanding an end to the violence. While there is nothing new about condemnations for Israel from the Middle East and states like Pakistan, the outrage mounting in Western states highlights the atrocities ongoing in Gaza. Since Oct. 7, 2023, Israeli forces have undertaken a genocide, indiscriminately targeting innocent civilians, and threatening worse to calls for a ceasefire. The war crimes playing out on people’s phones and TV screens show the worst of humanity, with aerial strikes hitting refugee camps, hospitals and even “safe” corridors, with little respite for those who survive the bombings. Israel’s blockade negates humanitarian efforts, raising fears of famine and disease, not to mention housing in a region that has been all-but-razed to the ground.

Despite the public outrage, however, many states appear unwilling to confront Israel, with the U.S. continuing to fund the atrocities alongside empty rhetoric calling for peace. Reportedly, Israel’s aggression is costing roughly $300 million/day, with investors pulling out of the region, a disrupted labor market and low productivity growth. Israel’s tourism has also come to a halt, while clashes with Yemen’s Houthi have hampered global maritime trade. Rather than pushing to curtail funding, perhaps leading to Israel rethinking its actions, Washington continues to pledge unfettered support, further stoking anger among its populace.

A key reason for this anger is Israel’s perceived disproportionate response to the events of Oct. 7. Less than 2,000 Israelis have been killed compared to over 36,000 Palestinians, a majority of whom are women and children. The Gaza Strip, meanwhile, lies in ruins, with displaced Palestinians no safer, as even refugee camps are bombarded. Those attempting to flee the region also face significant hurdles, with blockades limiting the numbers allowed to leave. This week, Israeli forces assumed effective control of Palestine’s entire land border, and ramped up deadly raids on Rafah, despite an International Court of Justice ruling calling for an end to attacks on the city. The atrocities are ongoing; and a majority of the world can do little but watch as Western states continue to facilitate the genocide, proving for generations to come which lives matter to them—and which do not.

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