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Government Announces Two-Day Public Holiday for Muharram 9-10

Strict security arrangements underway to ensure safety for public gatherings on Ashura

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The federal government on Tuesday announced a two-day public holiday for Ashura, Muharram 9 and 10, as public processions marking the occasion are underway nationwide.

“… Prime Minister is pleased to declare 16th and 17th July, 2024 (Tuesday and Wednesday) as public holidays on the occasion of Ashura (9th & 10th Moharram 1446 AH),” read a notification issued by the Cabinet Division.

Pakistan, annually, marks Ashura with a two-day holiday in light of security concerns. The religious event is marked globally with gatherings expressing grief and sorrow over the death of Husayn ibn Ali, grandson of Islam’s Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Amidst a resurgence of terrorism, the government is enforcing stringent security measures this year, with the Interior Ministry requisitioning the deployment of the Pakistan Army and Civil Armed Forces nationwide to ensure the safety of congregants. According to a notification, the deployment would continue indefinitely and its process finalized with the relevant provincial authorities, as well as the governments of Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad.

Ahead of Muharram, provincial governments—particularly Punjab—had urged the federal government to suspend access to social media services to deter the spread of misinformation and hate material that could lead to sectarian strife. However, the federal government has not yet issued any instructions in this regard, though sources say some limitations could be enforced on 9th and 10th Muharram in the interest of security.

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