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Government Notifies Fuel Prices for Next Fortnight

Petrol prices reduced by Rs. 4.74 to Rs. 268.36/liter, and diesel by Rs. 3.86/liter to Rs. 270.22/liter

by Staff Report

File photo. Asif Hassan—AFP

The Government of Pakistan on Friday night notified fuel prices for the next fortnight, reducing the price of petrol by Rs. 4.74/liter to and high-speed diesel by Rs. 3.86/liter in light of a decline in global oil rates.

Noting the decreasing trend in global oil prices during the past two weeks, the Finance Division said the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had fixed prices from June 1-14. Under the new prices, the price of petrol has been reduced from Rs. 273.1/liter to Rs. 268.36/liter, or Rs. 4.74/liter; while the price of high-speed diesel has been fixed at Rs. 270.22/liter, a decline of Rs. 3.86/liter from the previous price of Rs. 274.08/liter.

The rates of kerosene and light-diesel oil were similarly slashed by Rs. 1.87 and Rs. 3.88/liter, respectively. OGRA has also slashed the price of an 11.8kg domestic LPG cylinder by 1.6%, or Rs. 45.62 for the month of June.

Pricing confusion

There was some confusion ahead of the Finance Division’s notification, as media outlets—citing the Prime Minister’s Office—reported that the prices of petrol and diesel were reduced by Rs. 15.39 and Rs. 7.88/liter, respectively. However, this was swiftly reversed, reportedly because the Prime Minister’s Office had “erred” in re-issuing the notification from two weeks ago.

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