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Imran Khan Refuses to Join FIA Probe without his Lawyer

PTI founder claims allegations of his X account propagating anti-state narratives is ‘absolute nonsense’

by Staff Report

File photo of PTI founder Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan refused to meet a team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Crime Wing at Adiala Jail on Thursday night, maintaining he will only join their investigation in the presence of his lawyer.

Earlier on Thursday, the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing decided to initiate action against Khan over a controversial post shared from his official account on X, formerly Twitter. “Every Pakistani should study the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report and get to know who was the true traitor, General Yahya Khan or Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” read the post, alongside a video showing various events leading up to the fall of Dhaka in 1971.

While the PTI initially claimed the post was issued with the express consent of Khan, party Chairman Gohar Ali Khan sought to distance the former prime minister from its content amidst outrage over its apparent messaging. Speaking with an online portal, Gohar claimed Khan was unaware of the post’s contents, as he could not approve its text while incarcerated. The post was framed by “someone outside Pakistan,” he added.

Gohar also tried to defend the post, saying its critics were taking it out of context. “The context and comparison that we drew with 1971 was in a political context and not otherwise—nothing about the Army,” he claimed, with other PTI leaders claiming the post only served to remind the public about the history of 1971 and not point fingers at anyone. Members of the federal cabinet, meanwhile, said they would initiate legal action against Khan over the post.

Subsequently, the FIA initiated a case against Khan, alleging his official account had promoted “anti-state” narratives. “The alleged Twitter handle [@ImranKhanPTI] built a false narrative and spread misinformation against state institutions of Pakistan, including Pakistan Army, through his Twitter account, with 20.6 million followers…” read an application seeking permission to question Khan at Adiala Jail.

It described the video shared in the post as “clearly misleading [sic] intimidating and amounts to inciting an officer/soldier of armed forces of Pakistan to mutiny or otherwise disregard or fail in his duty and may induce/incite any officer/soldier to commit an offense against the state institutions or senior officers of Pakistan Army, which is a mischievous act of subversion within the various ranks of armed forces of Pakistan and to create a rift/hatred among the pillars of state, which clearly falls under PECA, 2016.”

In his response, which was obtained in writing by the FIA, Khan said he would only join the investigation in the presence of his lawyer. “The above allegation is absolute nonsense,” he added.

Reportedly, the FIA has been tasked with determining whether the post was uploaded by the PTI founder himself or with his consent. If it was done by someone else, it would determine their identity. Government officials have hinted that if it is proven Khan had nothing to do with the post, they would seek its suspension for misleading the public by claiming to originate from the former prime minister.

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