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K-Electric Consumers Face another Tariff Hike

Power Division seeks NEPRA approval of quarterly adjustments ranging from Rs. 5.51/unit to Rs. 8.47/unit from September-onwards

by Staff Report

Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

The Power Division has approached the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) seeking the imposition of three separate quarterly adjustments on K-Electric to ensure uniformity with consumers of other distribution companies (DISCOs), with the potential to raise the tariff by up to Rs. 8.47/unit.

According to the petitions filed before NEPRA, the Power Division is seeking the application of 47 paisas per unit quarterly tariff adjustment for the months of September, October and November. In addition, it desires a Rs. 1.49-4.45/unit (depending on consumer category) adjustment for September and October, and Rs. 3.55/unit adjustment spanning six months from September 2023 to March 2024.

According to a government plea before NEPRA from May, Rs. 1.49/unit adjustment would be applied for consumers utilizing up to 300 units/month (barring lifeline consumers of 100 units or less); Rs. 3.21/unit for domestic consumers using 301 units or more; and Rs. 4.45/unit for commercial, industrial consumers.

The Rs. 3.55/unit adjustment was initially slated to be Rs. 5.4/unit spanning three months, but the government last month sought to reduce the “price shock” on consumers who are already protesting against hefty electricity bills. This has yet to be approved by NEPRA, which has sought the federal cabinet’s approval of the same. The government aims to collect Rs. 146 billion from consumers through this.

Apart from the Rs. 3.55/unit addition, all other tariff adjustments have already been applied on consumers of the rest of the country’s consumers.

NEPRA is to consider the Power Division’s request during a hearing scheduled for Sept. 11.

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