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Police Given ‘Free Hand’ to Establish Writ of State: Mohsin Naqvi

Punjab caretaker chief minister says government also forming JIT to probe clashes between police, PTI workers over past week

by Staff Report

Screengrab of caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi’s press conference

Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Monday announced he has now given police a “free hand” to establish the writ of the state, adding that earlier they had been directed to exercise restraint.

“Right now it is really important to establish the writ of the state and writ of the government,” he told a press conference in Lahore. Recalling that law enforcement agencies had reached the gate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan’s residence twice before turning back, he clarified that they had done so on his instructions. Explaining why he had ordered them to withdraw, he said he had not wanted anything untoward to happen that could lead to a loss of life.

However, he lamented, this restraint had been met with violence. Referring to the events of last week, he recalled that after police had cleared Canal Road of encroachments—erected by the PTI in front of Khan’s residence—a cop returning from duty had been beaten up and an Elite Force vehicle damaged. “We told policemen this morning that you can do what is necessary to establish the writ of the government. If anyone challenges the police, they will break their hand,” he warned.

Emphasizing that it was not possible for police to continue to be assaulted because he had directed them to exercise restraint, he added: “We have to establish the writ of the government at all costs. I am standing with the police force. If anyone takes action now, they will receive a response that they will remember in future.”

Describing last week’s actions of PTI workers as “terrorism,” he said political workers did not react in this manner. “They [PTI] are terrorists. A joint investigation team will be formed and a notification will be issued by evening,” he said, adding that the caretaker government was also writing to the Election Commission of Pakistan and sharing details about what had been happening in the province.

Accusing Khan of threatening police, the chief minister questioned how the former prime minister could continue to seek security from the same people he accused of plotting against him. “Police cannot provide him security while he is abusing them. Whoever wants to do a public rally, wherever, can do so but security will not be provided while you abuse law enforcers,” he said, adding that Khan would retain the security detail accorded him as a former prime minister but all other security would be withdrawn if the PTI continued to assault them.

Naqvi also announced financial compensation of Rs. 100,000 for all injured police personnel, as well as Rs. 500,000 for all those “severely injured” in clashes outside Zaman Park.

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