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PTI Aims to Apprise Voters of Candidates’ Electoral Symbols though Social Media

Party establishes online portal with information of its candidates, including symbols allotted to them after Supreme Court upheld ECP order withdrawing cricket bat

by Staff Report

File photo. Aamir Qureshi—AFP

Following the Supreme Court upholding the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)’s withdrawal of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s electoral symbol of a cricket bat, the PTI has established a web portal for voters to identify their candidates and the symbols allotted to them as independents in the Feb. 8 polls.

In a posting on X, formerly Twitter, the party said its social media team had created the portal to search for candidates’ names and symbols. “We are just waiting for data for each candidate before we go live,” it added. The party is aiming to have the portal fully functional within this week, after which links to it would be shared on its various social media platforms.

According to an example shown by the party on X, voters would need to enter their constituency in the portal—for either the National Assembly or the provincial assemblies—to be provided with the name of the PTI’s official candidate and the symbol allotted to them by the ECP.

The Supreme Court order on Saturday left the PTI without its iconic cricket bat electoral symbol, essentially leaving all its candidates to contest as independents with different symbols for each. Since the decision was announced, the party has announced it would apprise the public of its “true” candidates through various measures, including posters with prominent placement of Imran Khan’s picture and door-to-door campaigns.

The symbols allotted to the party’s candidates cover a wide array of objects, including but not limited to eggplant; kettle; wheelchair; dolphin, dove, frying pan; bottle; wheelchair; and boot.

PTI leader and senior counsel Hamid Khan has already announced that the party would decide whether or not to appeal the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ECP order after the release of a detailed order.

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