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PTI Slams Budget 2024-25 as ‘Bundle of Contradictions’

Opposition party claims new taxation measures will trigger new wave of inflation

by Staff Report

File photo of Shibli Faraz

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday slammed the Finance Bill 2025 presented by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, describing it as “poisonous” and a “bundle of contradictions.”

In a statement issued after the budget was presented, a PTI spokesperson accused the government of tabling a budget “against the nation, employment and economic development.” It also alleged the budget was not devised by the government and was “dictated” by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The PTI has claimed the targeted GDP growth of 3.6% is “unrealistic,” and alleged new taxation measures would trigger a “tsunami of inflation” that would not match the targeted inflation rate of 12%. It further claimed ending tax exemptions for exporters and imposed taxes on the real estate sector would push more people toward “cash transactions” rather than expanding the tax net.

On modifications to tax slabs of salaried individuals, the opposition party said this would hamper their purchasing power and demanded further allocations for the agriculture sector. It also slammed the government’s announcement of 20-25% increases to salaries of government employees, claiming this would impose additional burden on taxpayers.

Separately, speaking on the floor of the Senate, Leader of the Opposition Shibli Faraz also criticized the tax proposals, claiming they would add to the misery of the public. “We, on behalf of the people of Pakistan, lodge our protest and condemn this high-handedness of the government where they are pushing the people against the wall,” he claimed, adding “specific” issues would be pointed out in the debate on the budget.

“All what we have seen is the result of last 30 years where the economy has been ruined and badly governed. The parties responsible for it need to explain to the people why and how this country of some 250 million has been sunk into the debt,” he said and questioned what the government had planned for the people, economy and future of the country.

Rebutting his criticism, Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, who is also Leader of the House in the Senate, said the budget reflected a balance between available resources and revenues. He regretted the opposition leader had set a new precedent by criticizing the budget even before the commencement of the budget discussion.

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