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PTI Rejects Accusations of Seeking End to Pakistan’s GSP+ Status

Party claims it has no plans to approach the E.U., as its overseas supporters continue to urge penalties for Pakistan over Imran Khan’s incarceration

by Staff Report

File photo. Daniel Roland—AFP

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday rejected an accusation it was trying to get the European Union to withdraw Pakistan’s GSP+ status, which grants duty-free exports on various products to the European market.

Earlier in the day, Information Minister Ataullah Tarar had told a press conference that elements within the PTI were contacting the E.U., asking it to withdraw Pakistan’s GSP+ status. This move, he said, was akin to a conspiracy aimed at making the people of Pakistan suffer, as it would have a significant on the country’s economy.

While the PTI has officially not made any call to the E.U. to withdraw the GSP+ status, the party’s overseas supporters and office-holders have been sharing links to petitions calling for its withdrawal over the ongoing incarceration of founder Imran Khan. Such attempts have gained some traction on social media, with the PTI—officially—continuing to deny it has any role in this.

In a statement, a PTI spokesperson described Tarar’s remarks as a “pack of lies, falsehoods and nonsense.” He stressed that the PTI had not written any letter to the E.U., nor did it have any plans to do so. Referring to the minister’s allegations of the party seeking to damage the economy, the spokesperson claimed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had only agreed to release the second tranche of its bailout package for Pakistan on the assurance of Khan.

The “mandate thieves”—PTI’s euphemism for the incumbent government—should bring back stolen national wealth parked abroad to stabilize Pakistan’s economy, he said, adding this was a better option than lecturing others on patriotism. He further claimed the PTI’s efforts for the success of the IMF program were visible in the face of ongoing oppression, suppression and political victimization.

The spokesperson challenged Tarar to show the country how the current program was delayed “due to stubbornness of [former finance minister] Ishaq Dar and his party,” and reiterated allegations of the government not working for the national welfare.

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