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Unofficial Results of By-polls Bode Well for PMLN

Reflecting provincial governments, Punjab goes to PMLN; Sindh to PPP; Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to PTI; and Balochistan to BNP-M and PMLN

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Unofficial results of by-elections on 21 seats across the country on Sunday saw the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), which has governments at the center and in Punjab, taking the lead, with the initial outcomes reflecting the leaderships in each province.

In Punjab, elections were held on 12 provincial and two National Assembly seats, with the PMLN leading in all constituencies except one seat in Rahim Yar Khan and another in Gujrat. In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where polls were held on four seats, the PTI-backed Sunni Ittehad Council was in the lead. In Sindh, the sole National Assembly seat saw a comfortable majority for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), while two seats contested in Balochistan saw one win each for the PMLN and Balochistan National Party (Mengal).

Ahead of the polls, the provincial governments of Punjab and KP announced the suspension of mobile and internet services in constituencies facing elections. Additionally, the Army was deployed to ensure security in tandem with police and civil armed forces. However, the additional security proved insufficient in Narowal, where a clash between PMLN and PTI workers resulted in the death of a PMLN supporter after he was struck on the head with a stick. Similarly, four people were injured in Sheikhupura, while a clash was also witnessed between PMLN and PPP supporters in Rahim Yar Khan.

Per routine, a lower turnout was witnessed in the by-polls compared to the general elections of Feb. 8. This was especially relevant in Punjab, as most key leaders of the PMLN were barred from campaigning as they are presently office-holders, and the PTI-backed SIC claimed it was harassed and prevented from actively campaigning. The PTI also alleged rigging in several constituencies, but independent observers maintain polling on a majority of the seats under contest was largely free and fair.


In Punjab, by-polls were held for NA-119 (Lahore) and NA-132 (Kasur), as well as PP-22 (Chakwal), PP-32 (Gujrat), PP-36 (Wazirabad), PP-54 (Narowal), PP-93 (Bhakkar), PP-139 (Sheikhupura), PP-147 (Lahore-III), PP-149 (Lahore-V), PP-158 (Lahore-XIV), PP-164 (Lahore-XX), PP-266 (Rahim Yar Khan) and PP-290 (Dera Ghazi Khan).

Local media reported that the presiding officer for one polling station in Lahore’s PP-149 had gotten Form-45s signed prior to the end of voting, which the PTI alleged was a form of rigging. In Gujrat, the wife of SIC candidate Parvez Elahi—who is currently incarcerated—alleged “ballot-stuffing” in favor of their nephew, PMLQ’s Musa Elahi, who won the polls according to initial, unofficial results.

In NA-119, vacated by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, unofficial results showed PMLN’s Ali Pervaiz Malik in a comfortable lead ahead of SIC candidate Shehzad Farooq. Similarly, In NA-132 vacated by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PMLN’s Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan secured a win over SIC candidate Sardar Muhammad Hussain Dogar.

In PP-22, PMLN’s Falak Sher Awan defeated SIC’s Nisar Ahmad, according to unofficial results; PP-32 saw PMLQ’s Musa Elahi defeating his uncle, SIC’s Chaudhry Parvez Elahi; PP-36 saw PMLN’s Adnan Chatha winning over SIC’s Fayyaz Chatha; and in PP-54, PMLN’s Ahmed Iqbal Chaudhry won against SIC’s Chaudhry Awais Qasim.

In PP-93, PMLN’s Saeed Akbar Khan Nawani defeated independent candidate Afzal Khan Dhandla; while PP-139 saw PMLN’s Rana Afzal Hussain defeating SIC’s Ejaz Hussain Bhatti.

In Lahore, which saw by-polls on four Punjab Assembly seats, PMLN’s Muhammad Riaz Malik, who defeated independent candidate Muhammad Khan Madani, won PP-147; Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party’s Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui defeated SIC’s Zeeshan Rasheed in PP-149; PMLN’s Chaudhry Muhammad Nawaz defeat SIC’s Chaudhry Moonis Elahi to win PP-158; and PPP-164 was secured by PMLN’s Rashid Minhas, who defeated SIC’s Yousuf Meo.

Additionally, in PP-266, PPP’s Mumtaz Ali defeated PMLN’s Muhammad Safdar Khan Leghari, while in PP-290, PMLN’s Ali Ahmad Khan Leghari defeated independent candidate Sardar Muhammad Mohiuddin.


In KP, by-elections were held in NA-8 (Bajaur), NA-44 (D.I. Khan), PK-22 (Bajaur) and PK-91 (Kohat). In NA-8, unofficial results showed independent Mubarak Zeb Khan, the younger brother of Rehan Zeb Khan who was killed by militants ahead of polls, defeated PTI-backed Gul Zafar Khan. Rehan Zeb also won the PK-22 constituency, indicating by-polls would be held once more on either NA-8 or PK-22.

The NA-44 seat saw PTI-backed Faisal Amin Khan Gandapur securing a win over PPP candidate Abdur Rasheed Khan Kundi; while PK-91 had SIC’s Dawood Shah defeating independent candidate Imtiaz Shahid.


The Sindh province saw by-polls on just one seat, NA-196 (Shahdadkot), which was secured by PPP’s Khursheed Ahmed Junejo, according to unofficial results from NA-196. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari vacated the seat.


In Balochistan, by-elections were held on PB-22 (Lasbela) and PB-20 (Wadh). Additionally, re-polling was held in PB-50 (Qila Abdullah). Unofficial results showed PMLN’s Nawabzada Zareen Magsi defeating independent candidate Shahnawaz Hassan in PB-22, while BNP-M’s Mir Jahanzeb Mengal won over Shafiq Mengal in PB-20.

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