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NSC Commits to ‘Comprehensive’ Operation to Eradicate Terrorism

41st meeting of the forum blames ‘soft corner’ for TTP as key reason for resurgence of terrorism in recent months

by Staff Report

Photo of the 41st meeting of the National Security Committee, courtesy PID

The 41st meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) on Friday agreed to launch a “comprehensive” operation with the involvement of all stakeholders to rid the country of terrorism with “renewed vigor and determination.”

Held at Prime Minister’s House and presided over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the NSC meeting was convened when the government is resisting court orders to conduct elections in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, citing security concerns and a prevailing financial crunch. According to a press release issued by the Prime Minister’s House, the participants—including federal ministers and senior military officials—said that the operation to eliminate the scourge of terrorism from Pakistan would include efforts at the political, diplomatic, security, economic and social levels. “A high-level committee has also been formed in this regard and will make recommendations regarding its implementation and its limitations within two weeks,” it added.

Describing the meeting as a continuation of the NSC moot held after the terrorist attack at Peshawar Police Lines, the participants paid tribute to the martyrs of the Gyari Sector tragedy on April 7, and emphasized on ensuring national security that centralized relief to the people. Acknowledging the sacrifices and efforts of the security forces for providing lasting peace to the nation, the forum reaffirmed its commitment to continue such activities till the end of terrorism from Pakistan.

According to the press release, the forum termed the resurgence of terrorism a result of the “soft corner” and “reckless policy” toward the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), stressing this was completely contrary to public expectations and aspirations. “As a result, terrorists were not only allowed to return without hindrance, but dangerous TTP terrorists were also released from jails in the name of confidence building,” it said, adding that peace in the country achieved through countless sacrifices and efforts had been hampered by the support provided to militants by the returning terrorists and various militant organizations based in Afghanistan. While the press release did not single out anyone for blame, it is widely acknowledged that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has a “soft corner” for the TTP, with party chief Imran Khan repeatedly advocating dialogue with the militants rather than conflict.

The meeting also appreciated the successful operation of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency in arresting Baloch National Army founder Gulzar Imam, who was a “high value target” for his terrorist activities. Strongly condemning efforts to spread propaganda against state institutions and their leadership through foreign-sponsored campaigns on social media, the meeting said it was aimed at sowing divisions in society and hurting national security.

Reiterating a determination to thwart the nefarious intentions of the country’s enemies, the NSC said all possible efforts would be made to maintain the peace and order achieved by the great sacrifices and continuous efforts of martyrs.

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